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gp_Trsf Class Reference

#include <gp_Trsf.hxx>

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Detailed Description

Defines a non-persistent transformation in 3D space.
The following transformations are implemented :
. Translation, Rotation, Scale
. Symmetry with respect to a point, a line, a plane.
Complex transformations can be obtained by combining the
previous elementary transformations using the method
The transformations can be represented as follow :

| a11 a12 a13 a14 | | x | | x'|
| a21 a22 a23 a24 | | y | | y'|
| a31 a32 a33 a34 | | z | = | z'|
| 0 0 0 1 | | 1 | | 1 |

Definition at line 85 of file gp_Trsf.hxx.

Public Member Functions

const gp_XYZ_CSFDB_Getgp_Trsfloc () const
const gp_Mat_CSFDB_Getgp_Trsfmatrix () const
Standard_Real _CSFDB_Getgp_Trsfscale () const
gp_TrsfForm _CSFDB_Getgp_Trsfshape () const
void _CSFDB_Setgp_Trsfscale (const Standard_Real p)
void _CSFDB_Setgp_Trsfshape (const gp_TrsfForm p)
gp_TrsfForm Form () const
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Boolean GetRotation (gp_XYZ &theAxis, Standard_Real &theAngle) const
 gp_Trsf (const gp_Trsf2d &T)
 gp_Trsf ()
 Returns the identity transformation.
const gp_MatHVectorialPart () const
Standard_EXPORT void Invert ()
gp_Trsf Inverted () const
Standard_Boolean IsNegative () const
gp_Trsf Multiplied (const gp_Trsf &T) const
Standard_EXPORT void Multiply (const gp_Trsf &T)
void operator delete (void *anAddress)
void * operator new (size_t size)
void * operator new (size_t, void *anAddress)
gp_Trsf operator* (const gp_Trsf &T) const
void operator*= (const gp_Trsf &T)
Standard_EXPORT void Power (const Standard_Integer N)
gp_Trsf Powered (const Standard_Integer N)
Standard_EXPORT void PreMultiply (const gp_Trsf &T)
Standard_Real ScaleFactor () const
 Returns the scale factor.
Standard_EXPORT void SetDisplacement (const gp_Ax3 &FromSystem1, const gp_Ax3 &ToSystem2)
Standard_EXPORT void SetMirror (const gp_Ax2 &A2)
Standard_EXPORT void SetMirror (const gp_Ax1 &A1)
void SetMirror (const gp_Pnt &P)
Standard_EXPORT void SetRotation (const gp_Ax1 &A1, const Standard_Real Ang)
Standard_EXPORT void SetScale (const gp_Pnt &P, const Standard_Real S)
Standard_EXPORT void SetScaleFactor (const Standard_Real S)
Standard_EXPORT void SetTransformation (const gp_Ax3 &ToSystem)
Standard_EXPORT void SetTransformation (const gp_Ax3 &FromSystem1, const gp_Ax3 &ToSystem2)
void SetTranslation (const gp_Pnt &P1, const gp_Pnt &P2)
void SetTranslation (const gp_Vec &V)
Standard_EXPORT void SetTranslationPart (const gp_Vec &V)
 Replaces the translation vector with the vector V.
Standard_EXPORT void SetValues (const Standard_Real a11, const Standard_Real a12, const Standard_Real a13, const Standard_Real a14, const Standard_Real a21, const Standard_Real a22, const Standard_Real a23, const Standard_Real a24, const Standard_Real a31, const Standard_Real a32, const Standard_Real a33, const Standard_Real a34, const Standard_Real Tolang, const Standard_Real TolDist)
void Transforms (gp_XYZ &Coord) const
 Transformation of a triplet XYZ with a Trsf
void Transforms (Standard_Real &X, Standard_Real &Y, Standard_Real &Z) const
const gp_XYZTranslationPart () const
 Returns the translation part of the transformation's matrix
Standard_Real Value (const Standard_Integer Row, const Standard_Integer Col) const
Standard_EXPORT gp_Mat VectorialPart () const

Private Attributes

gp_XYZ loc
gp_Mat matrix
Standard_Real scale
gp_TrsfForm shape


class gp_GTrsf
Standard_EXPORT friend
Handle_Standard_Type & 
gp_Trsf_Type_ ()

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