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gp_Lin Class Reference

#include <gp_Lin.hxx>

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Detailed Description

Describes a line in 3D space.
A line is positioned in space with an axis (a gp_Ax1
object) which gives it an origin and a unit vector.
A line and an axis are similar objects, thus, we can
convert one into the other. A line provides direct access
to the majority of the edit and query functions available
on its positioning axis. In addition, however, a line has
specific functions for computing distances and positions.
See Also
gce_MakeLin which provides functions for more complex
line constructions
Geom_Line which provides additional functions for
constructing lines and works, in particular, with the
parametric equations of lines

Definition at line 73 of file gp_Lin.hxx.

Public Member Functions

const gp_Ax1_CSFDB_Getgp_Linpos () const
Standard_Real Angle (const gp_Lin &Other) const
 Computes the angle between two lines in radians.
Standard_Boolean Contains (const gp_Pnt &P, const Standard_Real LinearTolerance) const
const gp_DirDirection () const
 Returns the direction of the line.
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Real Distance (const gp_Lin &Other) const
 Computes the distance between two lines.
Standard_Real Distance (const gp_Pnt &P) const
 Computes the distance between <me> and the point P.
Standard_EXPORT gp_Lin (const gp_Pnt &P, const gp_Dir &V)
 gp_Lin (const gp_Ax1 &A1)
 Creates a line defined by axis A1.
 gp_Lin ()
 Creates an indefinite Line.
const gp_PntLocation () const
 Returns the location point (origin) of the line.
Standard_EXPORT void Mirror (const gp_Ax2 &A2)
Standard_EXPORT void Mirror (const gp_Ax1 &A1)
Standard_EXPORT void Mirror (const gp_Pnt &P)
Standard_EXPORT gp_Lin Mirrored (const gp_Ax2 &A2) const
Standard_EXPORT gp_Lin Mirrored (const gp_Ax1 &A1) const
Standard_EXPORT gp_Lin Mirrored (const gp_Pnt &P) const
gp_Lin Normal (const gp_Pnt &P) const
void operator delete (void *anAddress)
void * operator new (size_t size)
void * operator new (size_t, void *anAddress)
const gp_Ax1Position () const
void Reverse ()
gp_Lin Reversed () const
void Rotate (const gp_Ax1 &A1, const Standard_Real Ang)
gp_Lin Rotated (const gp_Ax1 &A1, const Standard_Real Ang) const
void Scale (const gp_Pnt &P, const Standard_Real S)
gp_Lin Scaled (const gp_Pnt &P, const Standard_Real S) const
void SetDirection (const gp_Dir &V)
 Changes the direction of the line.
void SetLocation (const gp_Pnt &P)
 Changes the location point (origin) of the line.
void SetPosition (const gp_Ax1 &A1)
Standard_Real SquareDistance (const gp_Lin &Other) const
 Computes the square distance between two lines.
Standard_Real SquareDistance (const gp_Pnt &P) const
 Computes the square distance between <me> and the point P.
void Transform (const gp_Trsf &T)
gp_Lin Transformed (const gp_Trsf &T) const
 Transforms a line with the transformation T from class Trsf.
void Translate (const gp_Pnt &P1, const gp_Pnt &P2)
void Translate (const gp_Vec &V)
gp_Lin Translated (const gp_Pnt &P1, const gp_Pnt &P2) const
 Translates a line from the point P1 to the point P2.
gp_Lin Translated (const gp_Vec &V) const

Private Attributes

gp_Ax1 pos


Standard_EXPORT friend
Handle_Standard_Type & 
gp_Lin_Type_ ()

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