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gp_Dir2d Class Reference

#include <gp_Dir2d.hxx>

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Detailed Description

Describes a unit vector in the plane (2D space). This unit
vector is also called "Direction".
See Also
gce_MakeDir2d which provides functions for more
complex unit vector constructions
Geom2d_Direction which provides additional functions
for constructing unit vectors and works, in particular, with
the parametric equations of unit vectors

Definition at line 69 of file gp_Dir2d.hxx.

Public Member Functions

const gp_XY_CSFDB_Getgp_Dir2dcoord () const
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Real Angle (const gp_Dir2d &Other) const
void Coord (Standard_Real &Xv, Standard_Real &Yv) const
Standard_Real Coord (const Standard_Integer Index) const
Standard_Real Crossed (const gp_Dir2d &Right) const
 Computes the cross product between two directions.
Standard_Real Dot (const gp_Dir2d &Other) const
 Computes the scalar product
 gp_Dir2d (const Standard_Real Xv, const Standard_Real Yv)
 Creates a Direction with its 2 cartesian coordinates. Raises ConstructionError if Sqrt(Xv*Xv + Yv*Yv) <= Resolution from gp.
 gp_Dir2d (const gp_XY &Coord)
 Creates a Direction from a doublet of coordinates. Raises ConstructionError if Coord.Modulus() <= Resolution from gp.
 gp_Dir2d (const gp_Vec2d &V)
 Normalizes the vector V and creates a Direction. Raises ConstructionError if V.Magnitude() <= Resolution from gp.
 gp_Dir2d ()
 Creates an indefinite Direction.
Standard_Boolean IsEqual (const gp_Dir2d &Other, const Standard_Real AngularTolerance) const
Standard_Boolean IsNormal (const gp_Dir2d &Other, const Standard_Real AngularTolerance) const
Standard_Boolean IsOpposite (const gp_Dir2d &Other, const Standard_Real AngularTolerance) const
Standard_Boolean IsParallel (const gp_Dir2d &Other, const Standard_Real AngularTolerance) const
Standard_EXPORT void Mirror (const gp_Ax2d &A)
Standard_EXPORT void Mirror (const gp_Dir2d &V)
Standard_EXPORT gp_Dir2d Mirrored (const gp_Ax2d &A) const
Standard_EXPORT gp_Dir2d Mirrored (const gp_Dir2d &V) const
void operator delete (void *anAddress)
void * operator new (size_t size)
void * operator new (size_t, void *anAddress)
Standard_Real operator* (const gp_Dir2d &Other) const
gp_Dir2d operator- () const
Standard_Real operator^ (const gp_Dir2d &Right) const
void Reverse ()
gp_Dir2d Reversed () const
 Reverses the orientation of a direction
void Rotate (const Standard_Real Ang)
gp_Dir2d Rotated (const Standard_Real Ang) const
void SetCoord (const Standard_Real Xv, const Standard_Real Yv)
void SetCoord (const Standard_Integer Index, const Standard_Real Xi)
void SetX (const Standard_Real X)
void SetXY (const gp_XY &Coord)
void SetY (const Standard_Real Y)
Standard_EXPORT void Transform (const gp_Trsf2d &T)
gp_Dir2d Transformed (const gp_Trsf2d &T) const
Standard_Real X () const
 For this unit vector, returns its X coordinate.
const gp_XYXY () const
Standard_Real Y () const
 For this unit vector, returns its Y coordinate.

Private Attributes

gp_XY coord


Standard_EXPORT friend
Handle_Standard_Type & 
gp_Dir2d_Type_ ()

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