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void TDF_Tool::Entry ( const TDF_Label aLabel,
TCollection_AsciiString anEntry 
) [static]

Returns the entry for the label aLabel in the form
of the ASCII character string anEntry containing
the tag list for aLabel.

Definition at line 357 of file TDF_Tool.cxx.

References TCollection_AsciiString::Clear(), TDF_Label::IsNull(), and TagList().

Referenced by TDocStd_XLinkTool::CopyWithLink(), TDF_AttributeDelta::Dump(), XCAFDoc_ShapeTool::DumpShape(), TDF_Label::EntryDump(), ExtendedDeepDump(), TDocStd_XLink::LabelEntry(), DDF_Browser::OpenLabel(), DDataStd_TreeBrowser::OpenNode(), DDF_Browser::OpenRoot(), XmlMDF_ReferenceDriver::Paste(), XmlMFunction_ScopeDriver::Paste(), and BinMFunction_ScopeDriver::Paste().

  if (!aLabel.IsNull()) {
    TColStd_ListOfInteger Tags;
    TDF_Tool::TagList(aLabel, Tags);
    anEntry += TCollection_AsciiString(Tags.First());
    if (Tags.IsEmpty()) {
      anEntry += TDF_TagSeparator; // It must be the root label case.
    else {
      while (!Tags.IsEmpty()) {
      anEntry += TDF_TagSeparator;
      anEntry += TCollection_AsciiString(Tags.First());

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