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Standard_Boolean MAT2d_Tool2d::TrimBisector ( const Handle(MAT_Bisector)&  abisector,
const Standard_Integer  apoint 

Trims the geometric bisector by the point of index
<apoint> in <theGeomPnts>.
If the point is out of the bisector, Return FALSE.
else Return True.

Definition at line 488 of file MAT2d_Tool2d.cxx.

References ChangeGeomBis(), and GeomPnt().

  Standard_Real Param;
    Bisector = Handle(Geom2d_TrimmedCurve)::

  Handle(Bisector_Curve) Bis = Handle(Bisector_Curve)::

//  Param = ParameterOnCurve(Bisector,theGeomPnts.Value(apoint));
  Param = Bis->Parameter(GeomPnt (apoint));

  if (Bisector->BasisCurve()->IsPeriodic()) {
    if (Bisector->FirstParameter() > Param) Param = Param + 2*PI;
  if(Bisector->FirstParameter() >= Param)return Standard_False;
  if(Bisector->LastParameter()  <  Param)return Standard_False;

#ifdef DEB
  Standard_Boolean Affich = Standard_False;
  if (Affich) MAT2d_DrawCurve(Bisector,2);

  return Standard_True;

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