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void Graphic3d_MaterialAspect::SetShininess ( const Standard_Real  AValue  ) 

Modifies the luminosity of the surface.
Category: Methods to modify the class definition
Warning: Raises MaterialDefinitionError if <AValue> is a
negative value or greater than 1.0.

Definition at line 797 of file Graphic3d_MaterialAspect.cxx.

References SetMaterialName().

Referenced by MeshVS_ElementalColorPrsBuilder::Build(), MeshVS_VectorPrsBuilder::Build(), and Graphic3d_Group::GroupPrimitivesAspect().


      if ((AValue < 0.0) || (AValue > 1.0))
                  ("Bad value for Shininess < 0. or > 1.0");

      MyShininess       = Standard_ShortReal (AValue);
#ifdef IMP171201

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