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void Graphic3d_Group::Update (  )  const [private]

Calls the Update method of the StructureManager which
contains the associated Structure of the Group <me>.

Definition at line 134 of file Graphic3d_Group_2.cxx.

References IsDeleted().

Referenced by AddPrimitiveArray(), Bezier(), Clear(), Marker(), MarkerSet(), Polygon(), Polyline(), QuadrangleMesh(), QuadrangleSet(), Remove(), SetGroupPrimitivesAspect(), SetPrimitivesAspect(), Text(), TriangleMesh(), TriangleSet(), and UserDraw().


      if (IsDeleted ()) return;

      if ( (MyStructure->StructureManager ())->UpdateMode ()
                                          == Aspect_TOU_ASAP )
            (MyStructure->StructureManager ())->Update ();


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