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void BRepMesh_FastDiscret::Normal ( const Standard_Integer  Index,
gp_Pnt Pon,
gp_Dir Nor 
) const

Gives the normale of the vertex of <Index> on
his face.

This function create at each call the surface.
To optimize the systematic computing you can use
the folowing loop :

Surface mySurface(DomainFace(theDomain));
loop-On-Vertices-Of-theDomain {
GeomTool::Normal(mySurface, u, v, Pnt, Dir);

WARNING : The vertex from wich the <u> and <v> are
used is on <theDomain>.

Definition at line 2834 of file BRepMesh_FastDiscret.cxx.

  const BRepMesh_Vertex& v=structure->GetNode(Index);
  BRepMesh_GeomTool::Normal(new BRepAdaptor_HSurface(Domains(v.Domain())), 
               v.Coord().X(), v.Coord().Y(), Pon, Nor);

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